History of Cricket Betting Tips Free (CBTF) success

Our goal is to turn the mindset of Indian cricket bettors into a stable and profitable activity. Here at CBTF, we are ready to explain all the tips we know about cricket betting, and of course, for free. Knowledge should be available for everyone, and our site is ready to make it for you. Join our community and read our materials about wagering to earn more.

When did the CBTF history start?

The story of Cricket Betting Tips Free (CBTF) began in 2011. A few friends decided to turn their love of cricket into a profitable hobby related to betting. However, that wasn't the story of immediate success, and the amount of lost money is hard to calculate. There were multiple reasons why the first steps were unprofitable:

  1. Non-systematic approach. You probably know that making bets on the favourite team is dangerous. We also knew but were sure that a heavy favourite was obliged to beat underdogs. However, low coefficients like 1.2-1.3 caused a lot of problems as underestimated teams won their matches more often than we predicted. So, every two victories and low odds were replaced by an accident and a huge loss.

  2. Emotional betting. Even though the core of our recent tipsters' team is smart people, they have been individuals first of all. Thus, it led to the huge number of risky bets made using the gut feeling as the main reason. The especially dangerous such an approach was in live betting, where the belief in the beloved team was bigger than calm thinking.

  3. Accumulators. Yes, we also loved to risk a lot in order to win more. Accumulators seemed to us as a nice option, but making more than two wagers is too dangerous. It's impossible to calculate how many accumulators were destroyed because of only one wrong outcome. Only with years of experience, we learn that more than two simultaneous events should be avoided by default.

  4. Regular all-ins. Of course, we were newcomers in the bookmaking world and looked at the immediate return instead of the long run. Such an approach ruined most of our plans as we weren't able to make a reliable wager because of one loss. It was frustrating but needed to turn us to the point where we are.

Every success story begins from the multiple mistakes made, but we were able to overcome them. You can probably recognise yourself in some of the aforementioned instances and mistakes. However, all these wrong steps were needed to form calm and stable persons, who now are earning enough and can share profitable advice for free. Also, the above miscalculations and faults were the real beginning of our success story.